Risks covered under FIPPA (Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act):

  • Expropriation and nationalization
  • Unlimited transfer of capital and dividend
  • Guarantee of the purchase of the goods and services resulting from investment projects in BOT investment schemes where the government acts as the sole purchaser

Incentives and benefits of foreign investment in Iran

  • There is no restriction on the percentage of foreign shareholding
  • The possibility of registering an Iranian company with 100% foreign capital
  • Transfer of principal capital, dividend and the profits gained through the utilization of capital in the form of foreign currency or goods
  • Enjoyment of same and equal treatment as accorded to domestic investors by foreign investors
  • The possibility of investment by foreign natural and juridical persons and Iranians living abroad
  • Allowing investment in all areas which are permitted to the private sector
  • Granting protection coverage to different foreign investment schemes
  • Quick approval of the foreign investment application
  • Issuing a three year residence permit for foreign investors, directors, experts as well as their immediate family members


1Yazd ecotourismTourism/ entertainmentYazd/IranInvested

Amount invested: 40 billion Rials

IRR: 45%

Restoration and construction period: 18 months

Property age: More than 400 years

Advantages: preserving and protecting historic buildings, providing public with historical atmosphere

2Stone factoryMetal and miningIsfahan/IranInvested

Amount invested: 30 billion Rials

Providing working capital

Yearly rate of return: 50%

3Silica mine and factoryMetal and miningKerman/IranInvested

Amount invested: 300 billion Rials

IRR= 45%

Mineral reserve: 10 million tone


4Marble stone mineMetal and miningIsfahan/IranAvailable

Required capital: 50 Billion Rials

IRR: 45%

Mineral reserve: 500.000 tone

5FeldsparMetal and miningKashan/IranAvailable

Required capital: 600 Billion Rials

IRR: 50%

Mineral reserve: 50 Million tone